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Wednesday, 16 November 2016

All About WW2

Today I my reading group have been answering some questions that relate to world war 2. I have been learning about world war 2 and I hope some people will learn something about world war 2 as well.

All About WW2:

The world war 2 started because on the 1st of September 1939 to 1945, The prime minister, Neville Chamberlain, declared war on Germany and they had defeated Germany.

Here is something about Anne Frank! Anne Frank was a medic, and she helped people who were sick and weak that couldn't fight in world war 1.

After the world war 1 was over, Germany were very our that the stock market crashed and it out walls street into a panic and wiped out a million of investors.

Here are some interesting Quiz's you can answer:

1. What was the treaty that ended WW1 that laid some of the unrest that would later explode into WW2?

A) Geneva Conference
B) Treaty of Versailles 
C) Paris Peace Accords
D) Treaty of brest - Litovisk

2. Hitler became the essential dictator of Germany in which decade, Use google to help you?

A) 1920's
B) 1950's
C) 1940's
D) 1930's

3. What war during the 1930's greatly influenced the development of military tactics that were used in WW2?

A) The Spanish - American war
B) The boer war
C) The Spanish civil war
D) The Korean war

4. Who started ww2?

A) Germany
B) Britain
C) Poland
D) None

Please answer all questions and make sure you learn something and comment what you learnt... Thank you and I hope you enjoy (exploring all about ww2).


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